Friday, July 21, 2006

Video Game Tax

Since video games are so violent, and are responsible for the obesity and socialization problems in American youth, Hillary Clinton wants to implement an extra tax on video game sales which will be used to fund child advocacy programs.

Right. Or, we could expect retailers not to sell mature rated video games to minors just like we expect movie theaters not to admit minors to R rated movies. Foolproof? No. But I don't expect my beer to be extra-taxed to pay for preventative alcoholism programs, either.

Further, Clinton fears the increased role in-game adevrtising is playing in the mind-rot of our children. Speaking to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Clinton explored the inevitablility of brain implants:

"At the rate that technology is advancing, people will be implanting chips in our children to advertise directly into their brains and tell them what kind of products to buy," Clinton said at the Kaiser Family Foundation.
The New York Democrat said the country was performing a "massive experiment" on kids who average more than six hours a day with media and advertising, soaking it up through TV, computers, games and iPods. She said the fastest growing advertising market is the 6- and under set, and that children's health is already being hurt by products like Camel's candy-flavored cigarettes and junk food sold with tips for video games - used to sell more junk food.

We're talking about a certain demographic here, no? These young children that have computers, video game consoles, and iPods also come from a family/guardianship that can afford these things for their children. I think then that these parents can also afford to regulate what these children are using computers for, playing on their consoles, listening to on their iPods, and when their children are doing it.

I can afford these devices too, but I'm an adult, and - at least so far in this country - I'm allowed to make my own decisions about the content of my media.

I also find it annoying that Clinton is presenting aggressive marketing to children as a recent threat. According to Wikipedia, candy cigarettes were invented in the early 19th century.

Clinton has put out the call for volunteers (read: PTA moms) who are willing to speak on her platform about their video game concerns. I guess I'm confused. If these parents are truly concerned, like I said, they can regulate their own children's access and content. Otherwise, these parents will be advocating to raise the price of the entertainment they're already purchasing for their children. I suppose these parents may just be pissed and want to ruin it for everyone, not just their own children.

Oh, wait, I forgot about the brain implants that will control us. I guess there's nothing we can do.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tour de Fat

There's a good chance you'll know where to find me on August 12th: the New Belguim Tour de Fat.

Bikes and beer. Like bullets and guns.