Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at The Paramount/ Seattle

This turned out to be a case of seeing the band live making me like the albums a little more. Not sure what I expected, but I did arrive hesitant that Karen O would pull some aloof hipster-mod attitude and that the band would be kinda bitchy. Why did I think this? I dunno, don't they look kinda bitchy to you?

Anyway, I was totally surprised to find the opposite. Karen O screamed and bounced her little ass off and though she spoke little, seemed generally happy and appreciative to be a rock star. I'm sure through her performance she encouraged all the teenage females in the audience to, I dunno, feel better about themselves or something, which is great. I just thought she is really good at what she does.

Something I was looking forward to is discovering how the guitarist was going to handle all the big sounds on the album. They did have a fourth musician who stepped in on bass, acoustic guitar, and keyboards on a few songs, but they used him surprisingly sparingly. Instead of relying on the fourth guy, the YYYs guitarist turned on his I'm-a-whiz-with-effects-pedals switch and cranked out the sounds himself. Sure, there was some sampling going on in there - both fed through a pedal sampler that he played live, and in the case of "Y Control" a pre-rendered sample - but he was still a blur of activity running around stomping on pedals and twisting knobs.

Fun show.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bike Postcard from the Past

Not sure what year this is from. This guy looks like a total bruiser.

"Hit me and I'll sue!"

I kid you not, as I hopped on my bike yesterday this 9 year old boy who was walking by yelled at me, "Hit me and I'll sue!"

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lego Counter Strike

This best part of this video of Lego people blowing each other's heads off a-la Counter Strike, is how well it captures the feeling of respawning.

The ambush on the stairs cracks me up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Irish Gang War Over Playstation 2

What does it take to really push an Irishman over the edge? Steal his PS2. Two gangs/families took the fight to the streets over an alleged theft.

From Ballymena Today:

A samurai sword, Chinese fighting blades, an adapted motorcycle chain were just a sample of the lethal weapons seized by police, and two petrol bombs were thrown at houses as the two tribes went to war.

The local police expect an escalation in violence "as back-up gangs from other parts of the Province were expected".

Monday, April 03, 2006

Uh...So...With Apologies to My Girlfriend...

So, I finally happened upon a gallery that I always thought was a great idea, but had never actually come across.

Too bad there aren't more track bars in the pics, though....ahhh, track bars....

DC Cyclist vs. Cab Driver

I hate cab drivers. Just to let you know.

Obviously, I don't know who was at fault in this situation, but the fact that the cab took a left from the right lane tells me it wasn't the cyclist.

I dig that he wouldn't let the cabbie get away. Once a taxi driver rear ended me - while I was riding to the right of the lane - and tried to take off. Luckily I wasn't knocked off of my bike and subsequently run over, but after I quickly caught the guy he simply apologized and said he was checking out this girl's ass on the sidewalk and wasn't paying attention. Oh.

We Playing Basketball

This past weekend I joined with some friends to relive the playground humiliation of my youth by playing a little basketball.

I showed up late, so the first time I touched the ball, which was the first time since about eigth grade, was when my teammate inbounded to me. I tried to, but didn't, dribble on my foot.

We've decided to make it a weekly thing, so now my sights are set on learning this game and yelling "face!" after I juke out my opponent. Do people still say "juke"?

Bike Bungee Death

Back in Richmond VA, near my hometown, yet another fantastic way to harm yourself on a bike was invented (as far as I know) at the weekend messenger event "Slaughterama".

Termed "Whiplash", two cyclists tethered together by a bungee cord ride in opposite directions. The first to fall loses the bout.

Flickr photoset.