Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Race to Replace

From The Paceline:

Race with Team Discovery Channel for a Day. Really.

You heard right. As a part of Discovery Channel’s Race to Replace, we are inviting you and other cyclists to race with Lance on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All you have to do is sign up. The fastest rider will earn a spot on the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team during an actual one-day race at the U.S. Pro Championships in Greenville, South Carolina. Net proceeds from the race event will be donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. To get your chance, go to www.racetoreplace.com.

In my last criterium race - through no fault of anyone but myself - I clipped my pedal on the pavement in a tight turn and went down. I'm an idiot. If I were to sign up for this the results could be disastrous. Seriously, I could end some careers. The way I ride George Hincapie could lose an eye.


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