Thursday, June 01, 2006

American Idol the Way It Should Be

Lordi, a Gwar-esque rock band from Finland, recently took top prize at the Eurovision Song Contest - the show that's been pitting European nations against each other American Idol style since 1956.

From The Advertiser:

FINNISH rockers Lordi has won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest - a stunning upset in a competition better known for bland dance music and bubble-gum pop.

The cartoon metalheads, who sport latex monster masks and spark-spewing instruments, fought off a strong challenge from Russian heartthrob Dima Bilan to take the 51st annual music prize.


The Finns, who scandalised some compatriots when their song Hard Rock Hallelujah was chosen to represent the Nordic nation, was the surprise hit of the competition.


Lordi beat an unusually eclectic 24-nation field on Saturday, which ranged from the bubble-gum pop of Danish teenager Sidsel Ben Semmane and Malta's Fabrizio Faniello to the balladry of Ireland's Brian Kennedy.


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