Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ultimate Ultimate Video Game

This post is in response to Schmubb's 4/28 thought: "I think I think that there should be an Ultimate Frisbee playstation game."

I don't think this is entirely out of the question. In fact, this idea will make us millions: make an Ultimate game for the new Nintendo system that utilizes the gyroscopic controller. In order to "throw" the disc, you have to approximate the motion yourself with the controller. Wanna throw it fast and straight? Keep the controller level and whip it away from your body. Need some arc to that toss? Make a lobbing motion at the angle you want the frisbee to take. To catch a disc, lower the controller sharply to the floor at the moment of contact. All throwing and catching could be done in first person view. Viewpoint changes to each player as they have possession of the disc. Or you could play third person, I dunno. I do know that Nintendo should hire me. Like, yesterday.

You know, Rockstar Games - the makers of the sex, drugs, shoot-a-hooker-in-the-face Grand Theft Auto series - is developing a table tennis video game for XBOX360. We can make this happen, folks.


Blogger Schmubb said...


I couldn't agree with you more here. With the way video games (especially sports games) are these days, we could make this game incredibly sick. Create your own player, get stoned after the game, have parties where you have to out-drink other teams and get them hungover for the next day's round! The possibilities are endless.

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