Monday, March 06, 2006

Origami Never Sounded So Fun

On March 9, it looks like Microsoft is ready to announce its bid to take over the handheld market with its pocket PC-esque Origami device. Right now, the site contains only a teaser ad, but promises more on the 9th.

Some concept photos show Halo on the screen. If Origami takes current Xbox disks rather than an Origami-only format, this is really exciting. I would say it isn't likely, but it seems MS might champion Origami as a do-all handheld rather than just a gaming system. It may cost an arm and a leg, however I'm willing to pay more for a kick-ass device if I can play the games I already own on it. Further, I may even buy games I normally wouldn't. For instance, I don't play Xbox Live, but I might buy multiplayer friendly games for the Origami if it meant I could hop in to a quick frag-fest while waiting for my plane.


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