Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Limited Edition Video Games

This article at GameSpot addresses the problem with overpriced, under-scwhagged collector's editions of video games.

I agree with Ocampo on some counts:

  1. The Halo 2 collector's edition was worth it for $5 extra bucks. The "making of" documentary was fun and informative.

  2. A lot of these editions aren't worth the money. For instance, being able to play earlier iterations of Doom on the Xbox Doom 3 Limited Edition is fun for 30 seconds, and not worth $10.

  3. The simple solution is to just not buy these collector's editions.

I like stuff like this, though, so here's what I think game companies should do. Offer Limited Editions with some extra stuff than the regular version, but don't charge any extra money. Make them actual limited editions, as in, only a small number are being made. People like me may be more willing to shell out full price for a new limited edition rather than waiting until the game drops in price months later. So, maybe game company X gets my $50 day of release for the limited edition rather than my $20 for a regular, discounted version 6 months later. Or, not any of my money at all, b/c I buy it used.

Bioware did this with Jade Empire. The Limited Edition had a whole new playable character but cost the same as the regular edition.

I don't need a plastic Death Star with my new Star Wars game. I want some extra maps or vehicles or something because I agreed to buy your game when it first came out.


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