Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chappelle Bloc Party: Me So Happy

Before entering the Paramount Theatre for Dave Chappelle's Bloc Party show on Sunday, I was forced to reveal to a security man that my jacket pocket contained insulin, an inhaler, and glucose tablets in case my blood sugar got too low. In the plastic B&N bag? Two computer programming books. Yeah, I was there to party.

Thankfully it was up to Dave, not me, to bring the cool. And Dave's cool includes putting Mos Def and Erykah Badu up on stage in between his comic banter.

Best moment with Def: He performed his acappella Katrina song. Beautiful and haunting.

Best moment with Erykah: Uh, there were no un-best moments with Erykah. Wow. Just wow. She is a performer through and through. She came out in a super-classy 40's inspired outfit, flowy bright red dress, lime green stockings, high heels - whew!

Dave was hilarious, of course, and the enthusiasm and awe he felt for his co-performers was apparent. His show was a big 'ole love fest. It actually did feel like a party.


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