Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Robin's Resurrection & A Complete "Origins"

As is true for most comic book readers of my generation, two stories have always stuck with me: the demise of Jason Todd as Robin and the mystery of Wolverine's origins.

I couldn't tell you anything else about the story in A Death in The Family, but I'll never forget the images of the Joker smacking the cute off of Robin's face with a crowbar...and then blowing him up. DC set up 900 numbers allowing readers to phone in and decide Robin's fate, and if I recollect correct, there was an overwhelming opinion - Jason Todd dies, bigtime.

Fast forward to the present. The Thundercats first two seasons and He-Man Christmas Special DVDs are out - why not resurrect the guy everyone voted to kill? Actually, we found out Jason Todd was alive back in Batman #638, but in March DC will bounce ahead one year from Infinite Crisis #6 and start exploring Todd's future as the Red Hood (which was the Joker's persona before he was the Joker, I believe). I should tell you I haven't been reading Batman or any of it's spinoffs since I was a kid - just keeping up with the story here and there. Opinion: this could be a fun story arc, i.e. comparing the Batman's origin to Todd's resurrection. Or it will just suck like I expect it to.

In the case of Wolvie, Marvel didn't give us much about his background until the interesting but mediocre Origin six ish series which portrays our hero as a ninteenth century groundskeeper. My fondest Wolvie memory is a graphic novel I read on a road trip as a kid in which he runs around searching for clues to his past and instead meets some uber-intelligent yeti dudes that can run really fast in the snow.

I am contemplating picking up Wolverine: Origins, though, a new series starting in March '06 in which the man has regained his entire memory and tears ass to go figure it all out. Opinion: Truefans are pissed - why disturb the mystique? I say, sounds like fun. Just don't screw it up. Not so sure about the anime inspired art. I'm looking for a reference to the flat color, pencilled look of yore. But updated.


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