Wednesday, December 14, 2005

HipHop in My Heart

Last night the fair lady and I had tix to see MF Doom. We arrived to discover that the show had been rescheduled for next month.

My disappointment was noticable. I decided to retaliate by pounding my fists on the bar and crying until they gave me back my Doom. When this didn't work, I began vowing to be very mean to all of humanity until they coughed up the Doom. Luckily, I was stopped mid curse when RA Scion jumped onto stage.

I am a confessed hiphop noob. I strongly dislike 98% of what I hear through mainstream media - I'm looking at you Fifty. I love Del, Doom, and some stragglers, but beyond that I'm not only ignorant, but also without much direction.

Scion grabbed me immediately, and I stood motionless with a stupid grin on my face for the rest of his set. I couldn't even bob my head; I was fascinated.

On the way home, after having bought a CD and picking up a free poster (which is now on my bathroom wall, b/c I'm a nerd), I blabbed on about Scion's flow and how, to me, it wasn't the usual spitting out some ridiculous lyrics about tough-guy poo-poo.

J's reaction was something like, "Oh my god, I love that you just said 'spitting'!"

Me too. I've gone from hiphop noob to hiphop nubile. I want more.


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