Friday, September 16, 2005

Nintendo Revolution

Finally, Nintendo has released some details about its Revolution controller, and I have to say I'm pretty curious. I haven't really been interested in their products since the SNES.

The new device resembles a television remote and uses a gyroscopic type mechanism to control movement - in every direction. So, you wave your hand left and Mario moves left. Thing is, with this set-up you can control pitch and yaw, or use it as a gun in a first person shooter. Apparently, Nintendo will offer attachments such a an optional analog stick. Running through a first person shooter using the analog stick to steer and the controller itself to aim and shoot would be pretty darn fun. I do wonder about arm fatigue, though.

Of, course, this will all depend on the ingenuity of game developers to get the most out of the technology, but I think this might actually save Nintendo in the latest next-gen round.


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