Monday, August 22, 2005

Teenagers from Mars

Ever since I really stopped buying comic books in the eighth grade, I put out a probe every few months or so hoping to find a new read that excites me the same way comics did way back when. I guess I just miss that new toy feeling - like when I opened my AT-AT the first time.

Well, the Rick Spears & Rob G eight issue series Teenagers from Mars still doesn't compare to the light-up head cannons, but it does contain all kinds of stuff that I like in my comics: zombies, punk rock girls, fantastic art, and some intelligent commentary to boot.

I have to admit a small bias here: I did go to high school with the artist Rob G. However, I haven't spoken to him in over 10 years, and I guarantee he wouldn't remember me anyway (he was three years ahead of me). We did have art class together, though, and I still remember his version of Wolverine tied to the big X crucifix from Uncanny X-Men #251 . Plus, TFM has all kinds of references to our hometown, which I got a huge kick out of.

At any rate, TFM tells an anti-censorship tale posing as a crash course in how to go from meek-geek to ass-kicker all while wearing a Joy Division t-shirt.

I've got all eight independently published ishes in the original, because I'm that guy, but you can pick up the graphic novel from your local shop. Also, check out other Spears/G works at their new site Gigantic Graphic Novels (still under construction).

Other Rob G: The Couriers series, Filler, Dead West


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