Monday, August 29, 2005

Playing Ninja

One time, when I was in the third grade, one of the two Sisters who lived down the street rang our doorbell and asked if I could join them and some friends in their garage to "hang out". Up until that point, I had only ever called friends on the phone to see if they could "play". I'd never "hung out" before. Especially not with the Sisters down the street, who must have been in about the sixth grade at the time. One of them regularly wore a Guns N Roses t-shirt. Yeah.

Standing concealed from view but within earshot of the Sister and my mother, who answered the door, I listened with shock, delight and instant nervousness as I was invited to mingle with the older kids.

This was all replaced with a horror that only children know as my mom told her that maybe I could come down later, because right now I was "playing ninja".

And sure enough, I was wearing my ninja PJs, headband on, throwing plastic ninja stars and weilding nunchucks I had constructed from toilet paper tubes, tape and twine. And I had been all day.

Needless to say, I never got to hang out. With the Sisters. Ever.


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