Monday, August 29, 2005

Flick Off

Yahoo!, the new owner of photo-sharing web community Flickr, has managed to rub some 400 or so members the wrong way by requiring that they create Yahoo! identities in order to continue using their Flickr accounts. So, they formed the user group Flick Off to voice their protests.

For the most part, I think this is a silly overreaction. All users will maintain their Flickr login names and photo collections, and all links to Flickr pictures will remain the same, so no one's blog is going to break.

Okay, argue the corporate factor, and in some ways I agree. Large businesses reaching even further across the web when it comes to my information is a little scary, but I can always choose to use a service or not.

Also, this does say something to the affinity users feel for their online communities, and I understand that advertising Flickr to a Yahoo! audience will likely introduce a different element (read "less hip") to the group. And this can be upsetting to people. Well. Oh, well.


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